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Met Office names weather system as Britain prepares to be lashed by 80mph gales Alexander claims that she fell into pornography because she grew up desperately poor and it was her only way out. She thinks the world is against her: Her hopes fading, Alexander believes that no one wants her to live despite an outpouring of support from all over the world. She expressed grave sadness over not having a better relations with her parents. Today's headlines Most Read Cruel irony? What are other countries doing to contain the spread of coronavirus?

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Prince Charles and Katy Perry come under fire after she's appointed as an ambassador for the British Asian

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Why I can't ever even just survive. I always put you, them, us, first. Alexander said in earlier tweets she is suffering from septic poisoning, which has caused her heart and other organs to intermittently fail. Well, he's never been poor before. Veteran Slade drummer Don Powell is axed

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