Images of ash ketchum

images of ash ketchum
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Ash assuring Serena that there's no need to rush and to take her time finding a goal. Ash having difficulty during his battle with Korrina Ash offering his blue ribbon to Serena, asking her if she will accept it. Ash asking himself how he could forget his way after hearing Serena's words to him and having a laugh about it. Ash apologizing to Serena for not remembering her since they met. Ash, Serena and Pikachu enjoying treats together. Ash showing Serena an outfit inside a clothing store.

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Ariah. Age: 32.
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Ash surprised in awe after being kissed on the lips by Serena.

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Giovanna. Age: 22.
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Ash Ketchum/Gallery

Ash telling Max that a thousand years could be just an instant before telling him that maybe the thousand years Jirachi is sleeping are just an instant for him. Ash covering his hand after Serena slapped it away from the one slice of chocolate cake he tried to take for himself. Ash Ketchum's comical yell upon being turned into a Pikachu. Ash asking Misty why she's following him, Pikachu and Caterpie after he spots her stalking them. Ash showing Serena an outfit inside a clothing store. Ash trying to tell something to Max about him and Jirachi Ash wondering how he's going to compensate for Viola's strategies.

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