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Aiming to ensure the maximum number in the estimated sample, pregnant women were included in the study. Methods used to measure PFMS. Table 2 presents the analysis of the correlation between the PFMS results evaluated by the two methods. Altered PFMS has been the focus of studies and research due to the evolution of equipment and exams that make its evaluation and prognosis more precise Other authors, however, verified that there is no significant correlation between digital vaginal palpation and perineometry Ask the woman to contract and keep the voluntary contraction of the pelvic floor muscles around the examiner's finger as long as possible in a sequence of three sessions with an interval of 15 seconds between each session; 3.

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J Sex Med April; 5 4 The PFMS values obtained through perineometry can be classified according to intensity: absence of contraction 0. Digital vaginal palpation 1. The data collection form was exclusively developed for this study. The strong positive correlation obtained in this study between the two methods of evaluating PFMS indicates that perineometry can be validated by the clinical method of digital vaginal palpation using the Oxford scales, which is in agreement with other authors' conclusions 11, The PFMS values obtained through perineometry and digital vaginal palpation grouped according to Grades 0 to 2, 3 and 4 to 5 are presented in Table 1. Lubricate the condom with lubricating gel; 4.

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