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erotic spanking blog
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I want to be healthy for myself and for our family and I don't want to say or do things that will hurt myself or my kids or my husband. That's why this lifestyle works for us. After a few sessions with a marriage therapist, she recommended that we re-commit to maintenance spankings at a minimum of two times per week. As all of you guys know my hubby travels for work and sometimes works from home in his home office that is in our basement. For a while my husband and I stopped, well, we didn't really stop,we just didn't have time and our marriage came apart. When everybody left for the night, my hubby asked me if I had fucked Mitch.

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Madison. Age: 27.
erotic spanking blog

He rubbed his thumb over my shoulder during our card game and my husband noticed it right away.

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Gracelyn. Age: 26.
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Getting Spanked As Needed

So here I am writing this while waiting to be disciplined. I was so relieved to hear him take responsibility for us and to hear him acknowledge that he had left me and left our marriage behind to his job. When I'm about to get a spanking for something I know I have done wrong, I feel knotted inside. It shows me instantly how much he loves me and how committed he is to us. He asked me if I wanted to fuck Mitch and though I had never done anything with Mitch, I couldn't deny that his attention felt really good to me.

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