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Desperate stammers and ragged breaths escaped her lips as she broke down in front of her members, not caring how much of a mess she is right now. All that she could think of is you flying to New York and having the possibility of never coming back. Everything went hell for me when I realized how stupid it was that I lost you…No, how I made you walk away. After she saw Bambam nodding his head shakily, Dahyun let him go before slamming the door to their dorm shut. To force myself to move on.. Temporarily Closed Submit a post Archive. Everything around here is taunting me of memories of us!

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Noemi. Age: 32.
tumblr happy ending

Bambam nervously scoffed before sneering.

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Skye. Age: 31.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You were the epitome of hypocrisy that night as you stood there with a weak grin on your beautiful face, your usual vibrant orbs slowly dimming away as you defeatedly allowed your tears to slide freely. Hesitancy littered in your eyes. Kissing you felt like home. There you stood wearing your favorite hoodie with a bouquet of pink dahlias on hand while her members were right behind you, each clutching a similar bouquet with wide grins on each of their faces. Bambam nervously scoffed before sneering.

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